"Augmenting the human experience is WearPoint's reason for being. To streamline, simplify, integrate and connect. That is the WearPoint way."

Augment. Streamline. Integrate.

In todays crowded technological conversation, everyone is trying to find a voice. Six billion cellphones, over one billion PCs and millions of wearable computing devices share this world with its seven billion human inhabitants. We at WearPoint believe that to effectively participate in this global conversation, we must be a good listener first.

WearPoint is a human input device and wearable technology company driven by a passion for intuitive experiences. We build elegant hardware solutions that address your needs and work seamlessly with the rest of your tech life. They are the next generation of input devices and exist to complement the next generation of connected computing. There has been a shift in how you, the user, want to interact with your technology. We hear you loud and clear.